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Publish your point of view

Our mission is to disseminate quality awareness in higher education.

You are more than welcome to voice your insights about quality in higher education. Each of your entries for publishing will be considered individually.

Should you have any ideas or questions, please contact us via our FanPage.

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Studying NOT Allowed

We advise not to apply to universities which have not been accredited. This applies to both institutional and program accreditation. Find out if a university you are considering meets the accreditation standards of a well-recognized accreditation agency.

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Which university should I choose?

Don’t let them pull your leg!

Before making the final decision and selecting the university you want to study at, it is important to realize that these next couple of years will determine (at least to some extent) your future career and life standard of yours and your family. Make sure you put your future in safe and reliable hands. Do not hesitate to ask questions and demand. It is your life and your future success – it is your choice.

You are one of hundreds of thousands that have an impact and can change the quality of higher education in your country and world-wide. Remember, the quality of education must not be compromised and you have the right to demand the very best. Again, it is solely your decision and you are fully entitled to the most reliable and accurate information before you entrust your ambitions, aspirations and dreams in others hands.

What questions you may want to consider asking then? Here are some examples:

  1. Are you accredited? If yes, what kind of accreditation is it? If not, why not – isn’t actually required to be accredited? Do you have any plans in this regard? Have you ever failed in your accreditation efforts?
  2. Do you provide students with work placement opportunities? How much time does the work experience take?
  3. Do you participate in any student exchange programs? Will I have a chance to study abroad?
  4. What are the opportunities to study in foreign languages?
  5. What are my employment chances after graduating with a degree of my choice? Can you show me the graduate employment rate statistics for the programs you offer?
  6. Is there a career center at your university? Do you actively support your graduates or about-to-graduate students in finding jobs? How do you do that?
  7. How do you know that the programs you offer are relevant and meet the labor market needs?
  8. Do you have any formal recognition (except for accreditation) that your university and/or programs you offer meet international standards of quality?
  9. Are there any professional certifications embedded within your programs so I have more than a diploma when I graduate?

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