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Publish your point of view

Our mission is to disseminate quality awareness in higher education.

You are all welcome to publish your opinions and experiences on quality in higher education from any quality perspective.

Each of your entries will be considered individually.

Should you have any ideas or questions, please contact us:

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Who should be asked about quality in higher education?

by Dawid Wosik

Since quality in higher education can be described as “… a multidimensional, multi-level and dynamic concept, (…) which depends among other things on requirements set by different groups of interest (…)” (Vlãsceanu, L., Grünberg, L., Pârlea, D., 2007), thus all those groups should be asked about its evaluation. University accreditation is quite a holistic evaluation (institutional accreditation in particular as opposed to program accreditation), whereas opinion survey of employees, students, graduates or employers is a partial measurement as it presents only selected aspects of quality. For instance, the employees opinion survey will provide data on the climate at a university. This factor has great impact on the employee’s (internal customer) motivation to fulfill their duties and determines to some extent student’s satisfaction (external customer). There is no satisfied external customer without satisfying an internal customer first.

Feedback obtained from employers or university graduates is likely to entail the need of adjustments in courses’ contents, especially in cases where one or more expected educational outcomes have not been fully achieved.

There is no doubt that the complex approach to quality evaluation in education should include not only students opinion survey, but also opinion surveys of employees, graduates and employers.

[1] Vlãsceanu, L., Grünberg, L., and Pârlea, D., 2007, Quality Assurance and Accreditation: A Glossary of Basic Terms and Definitions (Bucharest, UNESCO- CEPES) Papers on Higher Education.

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Studying NOT Allowed

We advise not to apply to universities which don’t have any accreditation certificates. Find out if a university you are considering to apply for meets accreditation standards of well-recognized accreditation agency.

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University Quality Profile

One of the objectives of Mea Universitas is to promote high standards of education quality with special focus on system solutions for quality assurance and quality management. We encourage you to share your institutional knowledge with other universities and to promote your university among candidates.

Each of your suggestions of how you would like to be present in the Quality Profile of the University will be considered individually.

Should you have any questions, please contact us.

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Which university should I choose?

by Dawid Wosik

Don’t let them pull your leg!

Before you make your final decision for the next couple of years of your education – higher education – you need to realize that those years will determine your future career and life standard of yours and your family. Make sure you put your future in safe, reliable hands, ask questions and demand.

You are one of hundreds of thousands people that have real power to change higher education in your country. Remember – there is no compromise as far as quality is concerned – you have all the right to demand the best. You make decisions and you are entitled to full, reliable information before you trust somebody with your dreams and ambitions to become a graduate holding Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in your field.

What kind of questions to ask, if you want to know more about quality at your university? Here are some examples:

  1. Have you been evaluated by the state accreditation unit? If yes, was the evaluation positive or negative?
  2. Do you provide students with work placement opportunities?
  3. Do you participate in students exchange programs both within the country and internationally?
  4. What are the opportunities for the students to study in foreign languages?
  5. What are the realistic employment opportunities for your graduates? What is the employment rate of the graduates?
  6. Is there a Career Center at your university? How can you support your graduates in finding jobs?
  7. What are the signals from labour market that enforce offering that major?
  8. Do the programs realized at your faculty conform with the teaching programs at the same faculties in Europe or worldwide?
  9. Have you been granted any “quality certificates” apart from the state accreditation, e.g. program accreditation, ISO 9001 certificate, quality award?
  10. How can I contact some of your graduates?
  11. What is the percentage of your graduates that have found their jobs according to their major?

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